Steinberg-UR22 on Windows 7 64bit

Hello !

I purchased the UR-22 a while ago and have had no issues with it until now… It seems as though whenever I get a power outage, or when I shut my computer off with the power switch in the back, the USB light on my device blinks, which means the signal between my computer and the USB device have been lost… I boot my computer back up and the light continues to blink. I’ve tried re-installing the device however, when the system tries to identify it, it is unrecognized. :confused: I would love to be able to solve this issue !

Not really sure what to do at this point…

Thanks in advance ! Cheers


Hello Wes,

I have the same problem with my UR 22 which I bought already in 2013.
Last year I sent it back because I thought it is “broken” but I received it back with the info, that it is ok.
So I tried very many things in Windows 7 64 and suddenly it worked again, but I didn’t know why.
Since yesterday my device does not work anymore. Right before I had used it a few months without problems.
Now the LED is blinking all the time and I can’t get it working again.
Also on my Notebook I have the same problem.
Hope I will get an answer from the support-team (just sent an eMail to them)