Steinberg UR22 - Sound Level Issue

I’m looking for a kind someone who is familiar with Steinberg UR 22 audio interface.
I’m trying to record my guitar through a mic hooked up to the interface, rather than the plugging the guitar straight in.
However, I’m having some difficulties getting a lot of sound without cranking the gain.
I read somewhere that the interface recognizes whether the user has attached a mic or guitar to the device, and balances levels accordingly to either a human or the connected string instrument. Is this true, and if so, how can I work around this…?

Any advice?
Thank you!

Never heard anything about an interface that recognizes and somehow adjusts levels as you describe. What mic are you using to record the guitar? Also wondering what’s the issue for cranking up the gain to get a good sound level? That’s what the gain knob is for.

Regards. :sunglasses:

UR22 Operation Manual - Page 5 - Point 4 " When connected to an XLR-type plug, this jack automatically switches to microphone input sensitivity, and when connected to a phone-type plug, it switches to line input sensitivity". I guess your only option is to get an XLR connected microphone…or possibly a better microphone. I had the same issue, so I got an XLR connected mic.