Steinberg UR22c + guitar + DT770 pro 80ohm not working


I have an UR22C to play guitar on my computer and I can’t make it work. Let me explain :
My UR22C is plugged in USB3.0 so no external power supply. My guitar has passives mic , it is directly plug in the line 2 with HI-Z active and I have a DT770 pro 80 ohm plugged in it.
When I use it with the mix on “input”, it works perfectly .
But since today I have download the VST archetype plini and I want to use it throug a DAW (cubase).
When I open it and put the mix on “daw” , I have a massive piercing noise in the headphone and the computer does not detect anything coming from my guitar . The noise is still there even if I unplugg my guitar .

Do you already face this kind of issue ? Did I do anything wrong?

Thanks for your help

(sorry for my english, I’m french)


has you can see, in the parameters , it detect an input very loud but It is not from my guitar, it is there even if the guitar is not plug .