Steinberg UR22mkII and Cubase

Any advantage to going with a Steinberg UR22mkII with Cubase 10.5 vs a 3rd party audio interface?

I’m connecting a Native Instruments S88 and like the Komplete Audio 6 MkII form factor and it looks like it will fit well in the open upper right corner on the keyboard. Figured it probably doesn’t matter but didn’t know if there were any built in Cubase smarts that integrated with the Steinberg interface.

Just switched to Cubase a few days ago and have a very long learning curve ahead. Thanks!


There is a tight integration of Steinberg audio devices to Cubase. Directly from Cubase you can control the input signal flow, DSP settings of your hardware, etc.

Ah! Great to know, thank you. Stole my daughter’s behringer for now but will go with the Steinberg UR then when I order another interface.

Yes, as Martin mentioned there’s tight integration with Cuabse and their audio interfaces. I have a UR44 and find the built in in effects to be very useful. I use it as a live mixer and can have EQ, compression and reverb in real time. Not sure of any audio interfaces that have built in hardware effects. These effects can be routed into cubase in realtime also.


There are many interfaces that have built in real time digital effects. They’re called DSP effects. It’s all in the price point you’re dealing with. So many choices. :open_mouth: