Steinberg UR22mkII CD driver needed?

I am looking into buying the Steinberg UR22mkII, unfortunately, my laptop is broken as well at the moment so i’ll have to buy a new one. I have read in the specs of the UR22mkII that you need a cd rom drive on your laptop to be able to use the the UR22mkII. So my question is: Is the cd-rom drive really needed or is there another way to use the UR22mkII without using a cd-rom drive? this is important to me because it will influence my decision making in what kind of laptop I am going to buy.

Thanks in advance and kind regards.


A CD driver isn’t actually required for any Steinberg audio interface. You can download everything for the UR22 mkII from here:

The Steinberg UR interfaces come with a free copy of Cubase AI, but it needs to be downloaded using the code included with the package anyway. Cubase AI can be upgraded to any other version of Cubase whenever you feel like, giving you a $50 discount.