Steinberg UR22mkII package integrity

Hi there,

Would you please name the integrity seals of Steinberg UR22mkII and their locations?
I ordered a Steinberg UR22mkII from a local dealer in Russia a week ago and found out that
there were no seals on the exterior box (see the picture to get the idea of the box I’m talking
about). I thought the box might have been opened before. When I noticed some fingerprints on the
adhesive tape fastening the plastic bag of the USB cable, I knew for sure there had been some
tampering with the device prior to the delivery. I cancelled the order and I’m now looking
forward to getting a brand new device.

Please advise on the number and the locations of the factory integrity seals on the giftbox and
‘interior’ packaging to help me quickly tell whether the device is brand new.

PS. Does anybody have a manufacturer’s e-mail? I can’t submit a ticket since I’m not an owner yet. On the other hand, the official directs any questions to dealers, which is not appropriate in my case…