steinberg ur22mkII the sound disappears

Hello, I have a problem with your drivers, I no longer have the strength and nerves to fight it!
I have a steinberg ur22mkII sound card, latest win10 drivers and latest firmware installed! When editing a video in 4k and playing Warzone, the sound disappears for 1-2 seconds, and the usb indicator flashes! But as soon as I uninstall the driver, this problem disappears, but there are also interference for 1-2 seconds that disappear when the driver is installed!
How can I fix this? Nerves are no longer enough why your programmers do not fix this error!

Do I get a response from the technical department? Or should I plague with your sound card?

This is a user forum, where users try to help each other.
You should probably try another usb port on your computer as a first measure, as the driver imho is an unlikely culprit in the scenario you describe.

Okay friend, I’ll try to change the cable, I have no other options.
Now I tried to repeat the test. :exclamation:
:arrow_right: With the driver, I checked very heavy scenes in the editing of 4k, the sound disappears without stopping, in the game “warzone” the situation has changed!
:arrow_right: I delete the driver and reboot the computer, the proprietary message disappears immediately, then the sound goes stably!
:arrow_right: But without a driver, very rare interference appears, like a failure effect, it occurs chaotically, not related to the load.

Sorry, I am at a loss here, I have the same sound card as you, same driver as you, but I have never had any dropouts like you describe. If you used your computer for making music i would suggest dropping the video drivers and possibly a lot of other stuff that goes on with a computer used for gaming, but that’s not really an option when you game on it.