Steinberg UR44 and Cubase AI

Dear Respected Members

i am having Steinberg UR 44 and i got a licences Cubase AI with it and Basic FX Suite.

I installed Steinberg UR 44 Drivers and it is working fine. When i installed Cubase AI and activated the licences on both.

I cannot open both UR 44 and Cubase AI simultaneously.

When Only UR 44 is open , i can get all the functionalities but as soon as i start Cubase AI program , Basic Fx suite stops and says USB port used by other program and it stops responding , if i speak in mics , it goes to speakers without any effects.

The moment i close Cubase AI , the functionality of UR 44 FX returns.

Please advise on solution.




I would guess, it works the same way, as the whole dspMixFX. So this is available only, if Cubase is not running. Once you launch Cubase, the Cubase takes the control over.

This is by design.

Dear Mr Martin.

Thanks for kind revert. So I have to figure out direct monitoring control of DSP Mix FX via cubase …

Will try to watch YouTube. If you can recommend any links . I shall be obliged .