Steinberg UR44 (c) with Yamaha DGX 670? Or EVO 8?

5 Questions:

  1. Is Steinberg UR44 (c) good for Yamaha DGX 670 including for monitoring vocals with DSP?

  2. DO I need a DI box to avoid noise when connecting the UR44 with the headphone outlet?

  3. Is it a problem to use an audio interface with DGX 670 due to no line out but a headphone outlet? If so should I accept not to use my external monitors anymore and just the onboard ones and the USB transferred recordings to DAW or the recordings to the USB drive /thumb drive?

  4. Is UR44 strong enough to amplify dynamic mics like Rode m1 and Samson Q2U? When using the Pianos Audio interface, I need to turn the mic Gain up to 100, when using the Samson but especially the Rode (for which the resulting amplitude is weak). I think I saw people talking about 3/4 of the max gain being optimal. Is that correct? I have two condenser mics further: Aston Spirit and Shure sm35 (headset mic, supercardiod or cardiod I think).

  5. SOmeone talked about setting the gain higher in Cubase. Is that possible with my version: CUbase ai 11? Do I need a preamp with the UR44? - #4 by steig

What are the advantages of Steinberg UR44 as compared to say EVO 8 (Audient)? I know that the former has DSP and direct monitoring with DSP, meaning I can alter the effects in Cubase and not have to make any workaround (such as an extra track for effects which are then monitored using the native EVO 8 software).
Which one is more easy to use for me with DGX 670 and CUbase AI 11?

THanks :slight_smile: