Steinberg UR44 don't recognized by MacBook Pro 2021

Dear all,

I have problem. I bought a MacBook Pro 2021, but it can’t recognize my Steinberg UR44. I have installed the newest drivers… In DSPmix it shows up, but MacBook itself doesn’t see the interface.

What can I do?
Btw it just seas it when the CC mode is on. But that’s useless for recording (I can’t use the DSP)

Thnx in advanced!

Hello d,

have you connected directly into the M1 with a USB-A to USB-C adaptor ? Or are you daisy chaining with a powered usb dock or hub ?

The UR44 I believe needs to run in Rosetta 2. Have you installed Rosetta 2 ?

Have you already resolved the issue ?

Hi Rm,
I am using a normal usb hub. But in cc mode it sees may Steinberg…but normal mode not :frowning: