Steinberg UR44 - How many line-in via USB PC connection?


i hope that my question is not too stupid but i haven’t found any information in the documentation.
My question is how many line-in devices the Steinberg UR44 will show in windows?

I would like to have 2 differents inputs on the Steinberg (e.g. line 3 / 4) on two different line-ins in Windows (Steinberg connected via USB).
Is that possible?

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,

The UR44 has a total of 6 (mono) line ins or 3 stereo.
So with any software that supports ASIO (like Cubase) you can record 3 independent stereo line sources in parallel.

In the Windows settings (as the operating system) you only have one stereo input or output available!

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Thanks P.A.T! That helps a lot!