Steinberg UR44 - Outputs capability


I have Steinberg UR44 and soon i will be using this interface during a live show. Most bands/musicians when performing have synths, amps - instruments, that don’t need to go thru interface.

My case is different, because i don’t have this kind of instruments, and because of that i will have to send many things from laptop and my interface to the sound system. I wrote down things that i will need to send: bass, synths, metronome, and some playback, so i will need at least four, separated outputs.

My question is:

  • how many separated outputs has this interface?
  • is there a way to increase number of outputs, by panning some of them to 100% left or right?
  • what i need to do in dspMixFx?
  • i’m using Reaper, and how i need to do routing in this DAW?
  • in Audio Hardware Outputs in Reaper i have output called “UR44 FX Bus L and R”. What are these for and how to use them?

Maybe you also have other ideas to solve this problem.

Cheers, Bob

FX bus is for the dsp reverb. It’s not a real physical output.

Output 1 and 2 mirror the main out ( and also the Mix1 headphones). You probably use this for the main stereo output.

So you are left with outputs 3 and 4 (Mix2).