Steinberg UR44 randomly disconnects on MacOS


My Steinberg UR44 has worked perfectly for the last two years or so.
However, about 8 months ago after updating my M1 Pro to the latest version of MacOS I’m starting to get random disconnects from the UR44.
The power light indicator blinks, and the interface loses connection with the computer, after 2 seconds or so it’s back.

Currently i’m running MacOS 14.0 and originally I thought this was a cable issue, so i’ve tried a direct USB-C cable, but without success.

I can’t seem to find any logic in relation to when the issue occurs, it’s just random. Sometimes this causes Ableton to crash without me getting to save the session which is super frustrating.

I have tested basically all of the drivers I could find, old as new… Nothing seems to fix this issue.

Honestly, this is very dissapointing that the drivers are so far behind the system updates of MacOs.

Any ideas?

I don’t know if this is relatable to Mac, but on PC for me the computer is only able to handle a certain amount of USB inputs. The issue for me before was the mouse and keyboard cutting out. If you have a lot of USB connections on your computer you might want to look into a powered USB hub, one that plugs into the wall. I haven’t had the issue since updating my windows to a newer version though.

Just a thought dunno if it’ll work