Steinberg UR44C / Volume knob doesn't work

Good day

I bought new UR44C and I’m a bit confused with MAIN OUTPUT volume knob (front panel).It doesn’t work only one way to control volume is UR-C Tool and Mixer (Master volume rack).
I run Windows 10 and all drivers and things been installed to clean ssd.Nothing been found via Google about that thing.
Hopefully there is some way to solve it !

Thank you.

Hi Juri,

I assume, you have already updated the UR-C firmware to Version 1.0.1 (more Info:, new firmware at this page:

The output knob only controls the “Main Out” hardware output at the back of UR44C. For a quick check: (turn the knob to mute) plug your head phone into the left Main Out channel, play some audio. The output should change level when you turn the knob. When you see a signal on the master level of dspMixFx, but you have no sound output from Main Out, there is something broken.

Hope, that helps.