Steinberg UR44C vs Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 for Cubase

Hi, I wonder if someone can share some experience with those two interfaces for Cubase 12. My first initial choice was Focusrite 8i6 because of some specs like less noise, SPDIF included, but then I found some posts about audio issues , stability of the driver etc. with Focusrite and Cubase. Also the latency seems to be bigger on Focusrite than on UR44C. I will be mainly using VST instruments, so I’m not sure if UR44C lower specs are that important. Would appreciate advice/thoughts.


I bought the UR44 3 years ago and returned in 2 days because of issues with the drivers and the Cubase mixer integration not working. I quickly lost my patience since I had lost all my trust in Steinberg software. I’m using the Focusrite 8i6 and it has been my daily driver for 3 years. I had heard of previous Focusrite issues but its drivers have been rock solid in my system (Windows 11 here). I’ve also heard good things of the Motu cards.

I’ve been using a UR44c for about three years, before that I used a UR44 from 2014 till I switched to the UR44c.

Gave the UR44 to a friend, he used it for a couple years, then actually sold it for money!

These units are built like tanks, and in my opinion, the inputs sound great. the built in dsp reverb and compression are very nice, and they work in standalone mode.

If you look, you will find forum posts about issues with any product whose name you insert in the search field.

Thank you steve, your input is very much appreciated.

Thank you drmg. Much appreciated. I’m seeing good and bad reviews for both interfaces, but it think it is more related to the computer hardware and software configuration. I think both are good interfaces for home studio, but may require some extra tweaking etc. to make they work as expected. I would probably go with UR44c, since I’m already using MR816 with no issues, but Scarlett 8i6 has Spidif which I would like to have and UR44c does not, so I will need to decide what to get. Anyway, thank you both steve and drmg for you input.

Yep, it’s amazing how many people do not invest enough effort in reading their manual and then blame their gear.
I’ve had a UR44C for a few years, read the manual, and enjoy using it since.
I’m sure you could enjoy a Focusrite as well.

Whatever HW or SW you buy, invest (a lot of) time in learning its manual, youtubes, etc.
Even better, you could/should download the manuals and read them before making your final decision.

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Thank you for your input. Totally agree. Unless there is a know major problem with one or the other interface and specific DAW, it is most likely the matter of configuring both to work together.