steinberg ur44c


We bought a Berhinger UMC404 for a studio but that don’t do what we want.

So I search for a similar product and the steinberg UR44C seems to be the one we need.

I explain :
Our customer want to input 4 micro in OBS software. For that we use the UMC404 but windows see 2 stereo input and no 4 mono input.

Someone can tell me if the UR44C is see by windows 10 as 4 mono (or 4 stereo) and can be manage separately?

Thanks so much for your help, I can’t find the information anywhere.



Noone have this model and use windows 10 to answer me?
A little up.


I don’t have one. Have you read the manual?

I have this card and I can write four mikes mono. Win 10, Cubase 11.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately we had an emergency and had to find another solution. But now I have the information if I ever face an identical problem.

Good day