Steinberg UR824 channel issues

I love my Steinberg UR824 but recently the first channel has an issue, it allows sounds but incredibly distorted and over driven. The other channels are fine but I want to get it fixed. Is it possible to fix it? It’s out of warranty now but I’m happy to pay within reason. I have attached an audio file of the problem, it’s starts with channel 2 which works I then plug it into channel 1 which has the fault. What has gone wrong with it?

Input or output?

Thank you for the reply, it is the left input channel?

What is plugged in?

What ever I plug in, I get the distorted sound. Synth, guitar or mic. to answer your question, this its an MPC.

Can you send a picture of the front panel settings?

I’m guessing I have to bin this and it can’t be repired?

This exact same thing happened with mine. I sent it to Yamaha Canada (Steinberg) and they quoted ~$750 for replacement logic board + labour.

I could not believe it. Now I have a 6 channel interface :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for your response, so your input channel lost the ability to record clearly, just a farting sound?

Yep, channels 1 and 2. I bought mine used, online, and it arrived like this. I tried guitars, synths, mic, MPC, etc. I suspect the original owner blew the inputs by having hi-z on, gain maxed, then plugged in line level instrument.

I bought another ur824 locally and it works perfectly fine.

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