Steinberg UR824 Extension


Every time I open Nuendo 7 in Windows 10 (latest update), I get asked to select Yamaha Steinber USB ASIO as ASIO driver.

I selected “Yes”, “No”, “Please, don’t ask again” with no result.
It enters Nuendo and works as it should, but at the next initialization of Nuendo I get the same question window.

On Nuendo loading screen it says:

  • Initializing: Steinberg UR824 Extension

Is there a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance!

I wish there was, too :frowning: . recently I had to install the beta driver again, which miraculously removed a lot of noise I was getting when there was network activity, but this annoying problem came back. I bet there would be a registry / ini edit / workaround for this if Steinberg did some research on how to fix it. The checkbox “please don’t ask again” is especially annoying since it doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever.

:bulb: Or maybe, why not make a release version of that driver, then we won’t need to display that question at all?