Steinberg USB eLicenser not recognized in Big Sur Mac

I just purchased and got my Steinberg USB eLicenser. I tried activating my license to it, but it doesn’t show up on the eLicenser Control Center. I tried doing the maintenance, read through the articles, nothing.
I’m on a MacBook Pro 16’’ i7

have you been to your “my steinberg” account and registered it there? check if your dongle and Cubase license is there first … and if you did have you tried the magic unplug then plug again “trick” ?

Yes, I did. Several times. My mac has no USB ports so I’m using an usb-c adapter, read that could cause trouble. Am I looking for another usb-c adapter?

I don’t know anything about mac’s . but I know Steinbergs registering process has become complicated lately and it’s not very straight forward imho comparing since I first used the dongle in 2004. the good news I guess is that the dongle will not be needed in the near future so I wouldn’t put too much money into any USB converters. I am sure there is a solution out there for what works and not, if you can’t read the dongle and you have your dongle and product registered in the mysteinberg I would assume this is your problem as mentioned

The USB-eLicenser being recognized by the system is totally independent of the MySteinberg registration. @mlrodriguez , which eLicenser Control Center version is installed?
Does the USB-eLicenser’s red LED light up when connected? Do you have the chance to check on a different computer? All that is required is a eLicenser Control Center installation on that system to check it. Either way, please make sure to have the latest eLicenser Control Center installed:

Hey! Yes, the LED lights up when I connect it. Works fine on my Windows, just not on this Macbook.
I did call Steinberg just now, and they said I should buy a USB-C adapter that can be connected to a power source, otherwise it might not work. So here we go…looking for another usb-c adapter…

Yes, an active USB hub would be the best workaround in this scenario indeed. Sorry for this… one of the many reasons we want to move away from the USB-eLicenser.