Steinberg used with Sonar 8

OK - I am old school and always used porta studios so I know nothing about setup.
I can’t get the Sonar 8 to “like” the Steinberg driver. What is happening is the mic and guitar come out of the monitors just fine, but the midi controller I only hear through the computer speakers. Some have told me to run wires from the computer output to the monitors via RCA jacks but people at Guitar Center say NO…absolutely not - So - what the heck am I doing wrong?

You have to tell Sonar to use your Steinberg hardware as it’s audio interface. It’s somewhere there in Sonar settings. I can bet Sonar’s “Getting Started”/“Quick Startup” or wathever it’s called manual explains how to do this.

Definitely not!

EDIT: It’s indeed there in the User Guide, section: Installation, registration and basic setup

Thanks, but when I try to tell Sonar to use the UR 22, it doesn’t save the setting but it deletes it and leaves the input/output blank. Also, Whe adding a Midi track, if I choose Steinberg as the Midi device or driver, I get NO Sound and it asks me to use something called microsoft wavetable or something generic like that. I have the lates driver for UR 22 but can’t find any updated patches for Sonar 8. I didn’t think I had to wire the speakers to the PC…Doesn’t make sense. Thanks for clearing that up

Sorry, but can’t help you with this. I’m not a Sonar expert. Maybe Sonar user forum would be better place to ask about this behaviour.

In order to get any sound out of MIDI you need something which creates sound (MIDI is not sound). So you should use hardware or software instrument. Doesn’t Sonar come with any software instruments?

I am getting the sound from my micro korg that I am using as a midi controller, but the sound is coming out of my computer speakers and not my powered monitors. That’s the big issue. Sorry if I wasn’t clearer but I am new at this :slight_smile: Perhaps your are correct to get invovled with a Sonar Forum instead. I DO thank you for your replies.

The korg is my midi controller - the steinberg is my interface - there is nothing else I need…The sound is coming from my computer speakers and not my monitors - I guess I just can’t explain myself…sorry!