Steinberg useless support

Why are Steinberg so useless at support ? Ive purchased Cubase 11 pro and I created a support case over 2 weeks ago and despite reminding them Ive had no reply, they STILL haven’t responded ! They’re are happy to take my money for their products but offer no actual support, its appalling !

Yeah, Steinberg support is not fast.
But have you tried the Cubase 11 forum? Martin Jirsak and a whole bunch of other super helpful and extremely knowledgeable guys hang out there, it’s really amazing how much help you can get there:)

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yes - I’d recommend this forum for tech support :slight_smile: - Steinberg support is (usually) good on things like licensing and hardware etc but the actual tech side…

At least if you post here you have some visibility - and if it’s a bug you’ll probably get confirmation.

Remember when you post to give as much details as possible - basically you can’t provide too much information :smiley:

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You can also call Steinie…i did this before and they were super helpful