Steinberg Vintage Beatbox files located?

Can someone tell me where Cubase 5.5 update puts the following file: Groove Agent ONE 03.vstsound

When I load a preset from the add-ons from the update, I get this message: groove agent one failed to load 50 samples. options are : IGNORE,LOCATE FILE,SEARCH FOLDER… :nerd:



which sound are you trying to load ?
I can check if I have the same issue on my cubase after install and update one week ago

I have 62 presets in my case.
All are able to load.
I don’t have that file on my disk apparently …


thanks! In the florida kit: it’s looking for the first file, which is RideCup01bb1.wav

I just notice that I am having the same problem with goove agent one and any of the Kits that use the vintage beatboxes presets. I opend a support ticked and will post the reply. Can anyone tell me what disk or download did these come on?


OK! I looked around on my Mac install of Cubase and found:
E:\Library\Application Support\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound Groove Agent ONE 03.vstsound.

I simply copied the file to:
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\Groove Agent ONE 03.vstsound

and all is well again. :smiley:
Now as to why it didn’t install initially, boggles my brain :nerd: