Steinberg Virtual Grand Piano - Bach plus jazz drums

Greetings! I’m a long time Cubase user. Recently I discovered EZDrummer software by ToonTracks and the fractal iOs apps, FRAX HD Pro and Pixite’s Matter. So what I’ve done here is record/perform Bach’s Three-Part keyboard inventions (Sinfonia) in Cubase using Steinberg’s Virtual Grand Piano along with a jazz drum track using EZDrummer’s Jazz expansion pack. (The inventions are each about one minute long.) The mixdown wav file was converted to MP3 and emailed to an iOs movie app (either iMovie or Pinnacle Studios for iPad) where the FRAX and Matter apps provided the video track. I was surprised by how fresh Bach sounds when jazz drums were added even though I performed his piece as written without any improvisation. I hope you enjoy watching and listening! Set YouTube resolution to maximum and use headphones! And, as always, I welcome any questions or feedback!