Steinberg Vocal FX

I know Cubase has some great FX and by using the right FX together you can get some great results.
However I would love to see Steinberg release a dedicated Vocal pluggin at a reasonable price.

good idea

I agree - is there vocal tuner available for Cubase LE5 for instance?

Would love one…with nice effects…eg reverb…harmoniser etc

Why wait for Steinberg? Izotope Nectar 2 is exactly what you’re asking for.

Aloha guys, just to chime in,

N2 is a very nice sounding plug but Maas posted:

at a reasonable price

At $249.00 —> $299.00, N2 is just about half the price of Cubase.

Good Luck!

Sign up for emails from Izotope then - I’m sure they’ll have the odd sale from time to time.

Pluginboutique are doing Nectar elements for £26. You can then buy the upgrade to Nectar 2 standard for £85. Although it takes a few days to process as PIB contact iZotope to verify your elements key - which is bizarre as they only just sold you the poxy thing!