Steinberg Vocoder VST plugin...update?

The Steinberg Vocoder was very good back in SX-3 and is still used to this day. :wink:

I’ve searched for other plugins such as the TAL Vocoder but I prefer the sound/features from Steinberg’s very own. I’m sure some would love it if you guys looked into updating the plug-in and implementing it as part of Cubase 6 in a future update… :slight_smile:


I’m using this plugin very successfully with Cubase 6 - what’s the need for an update?

It does work well for me too but I’d like to see it implemented with the new VST 3.5 standard. For the time being, I exclusively use Cubases stock plugins and I do enjoy the effieincy VST3 brings.


With VST3 we have Sidechaining /Side-signal functions. An update would indeed make the use of the vocoder a lot easier.
Besides, the old SX3 version does not work on Intel-Mac.

All the best.


I would have thought they would have come up with a better one now to be honest… have to disagree with you chaps in that i would like to burn the old one with fire! several times until it’s well and truly dead! I usually use my old novation A-Station which you can pick up for next to nothing on ebay now… sounds MUCH better!
But yeah an updated version is LONG overdue i think :wink: