Steinberg Voice Machine

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of Steinbergs old Voicemachine/processor plugin?

Does anyone here have one and want to sell it?

Please help me.

You mean the old “Vocorder” plugin?
You might find it on the Steinberg FTP server.
Apart from that you might be able to copy it over from an old installation disc from an earlier Cubase Version.

I doubt Voice Machine will work at all in Cubase 8, and to be honest, the sound quality was awful and the latency was immense. There’s better ones.

All controllable via MIDI.
Easiest use (especially live), good sound, 64 bit version available: Mu Technologies MuVoice.
Best sound: AKAI Decabuddy 1.02 (but when AKAI was bought by Numark they cancelled it, so no 64 bit version forever).
Sound is ok but not great, VST3 32bit/64bit available, best GUI and integration: Antares Harmony Engine (EVO).

Voice Machine was funny at its time :sunglasses:

Won’t install on Win 7 64, some years ago I sold mine… it even had a real big box + an installer CD.

I read here on the forums that the Steinberg vocoder was programmed by Waldorf. So you could give Waldorfs Lector a try. There installer has both 32 and 64 bit as well as vst2 and vst3.

The Waldorf Lector seems like a replacer and what Im looking for. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: