Is there a goddamned war between Steinberg and some other 3rd pluging party vendors???

I just upgraded to Nuendo 10, and it’s now COMPLETELY blacklisted my McDSP plugins and other ones. Slate seems to be working fine, so ok.

Perhaps this is Steinberg’s way of completely ensuring that 3rd party vendors comply with their ever-evolving standards of VST coding???

Sigh. I guess this could be a good thing…or a bad one.

The McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor works fine on N10 here. Don’t have other McDSP though.
All other Plugins loaded just as usual (Waves, iZotope, Sonible…)

FutzBox & SA2 workinbg fine here.


FutzBox used to have a rendering problem with Nuendo’s DOP, I had spoken to McDSP and they acknlwleded. It’s quite some while ago, though.

Hmmm that’s strange.

And reactivating the plugins in the plugin manager just simply crashes Nuendo.

Sigh I’ll have to keep looking around for solutions in the meantime.

Newest versions of all plugins?

Yep, in fact I didn’t seem to have any problems until I updated to the latest versions.

Have also gone into the iLok and Synchronized my licenses. Still no avail.


Ok, I’ve managed to get AEQ400, Futzbox and SA Dialog to get working again. ML4000 still gets blacklisted, for some reason.

If you’re on Windows, what McDSP does is that it installs its plugins into the Common Files folder. I removed them from it, started up Nuendo. Then, I closed Nuendo, and put the plugins back into the folder. This time when Nuendo scans the plugins, they seemed to pass the scan.

This is really weird as f*ck. But anyway, it’s working now.


Although now, the plugins are listed under the “OTHERS” category, and not in their respective ‘genres’ like EQ, Dynamics, Distortion, etc.
Kinda annoying. I think sometimes the coding for “categorization” from Steinberg doesn’t sit well with some 3rd-party plugins. That could be causing crashes? I dunno.

Good to hear.

I had a problem with Slate VMR being blacklisted initially. I reinstalled VMR and it works fine now.

So if re-installing helps it is less of a war, more of a bugfest?

Haha. Actually, I initially had problems with Slate plugins. How i solved that one, was by unchecking the “Make compatible with Win8” option, under right-click on Nuendo.exe.

For McDSP, it was fiddling with the plugin location.

I also have many iZotope plugins blacklisted, and quite a few other 64bit plugins blacklisted as well. I never really use em anymore in music production anyway, so that’s fine by me. A shame, but fine.

So it could either be a war, a bugfest, or both. Both seems likely, and is kinda scarier, lol