Steinberg VST Instruments Forgetting Selected Sounds

When you have carefully selected sounds and are in the process of mixing a song, it is really obnoxious that Steinberg VST instruments keep coming up blank so no sound plays for those tracks. I have to remember all the settings and set them back how they should be for my saved song.

I expect a project to open and play! I want to make music not recongifure things that should be properly saved and restored.

It is not after every time I reopen a song…Maybe it’s after updates?

It’s always Steinberg VST instruments like Halion 6 and 7, Halion Sonic, Groove Agent etc

Other third party instruments remember their settings as expected and play sound after reopening the project.

Please fix this! I am capable of being a technician, but what I want from my music software is to be a musician and be creative not have sound selections disappering when I reopen a project so those tracks play back silent until I relocate what settings I had changed in the Steinberg instruments.