Steinberg VST Offline activation?

Ιs it possible i can activate a Steinberg VST like the ‘Dark Planet’ offline?

I’d suggest you use an USB eLicenser (the tiny hardware bit) for that purpose.

You must use a PC/Mac that is online to get the license to the USB key, but this doesn’t have to be your primary machine (the one you prefer to keep offline).

Once the license is present on the USB key, you just plug it into your primary PC/Mac, and the software will work.

Thank you for your answer. I use Cubase 7 on a pc.
The VST is activated in the hard drive instead of the eLicenser as it should be. I installed the VST again, but still the same.

Either connect the computer to the Internet to do the activation (you can then disconnect from the Internet), or get a USB eLicenser to store your licenses on.

Like it or not, unfortunately those are the options.