Steinberg VST plugins rotary (knob) don't work as normal

I’d like to post an issue report I have with the rotaries (knobs) in most Steinberg plugins:

When trying to rotate the knobs with the mouse they hardly move, with large mouse moves the value only changes in .1 values. The strip in the mixer and rotaries from other plugins work normally.

Some examples of plugins that have this issue: Quadrafuzzv2 - VST Bass Amp - MonoDelay - MultibandComp - StudioEQ etc.

  • When using Alt + mouse I get a meter next to the knob after which the knob behaves like normal. I never used knobs like that before and they’ve worked without Alt in previous Cubase versions.

I’m using Cubase 8 Pro 64 bits version 8.0.0 build 397. Windows 7 64 bits version.
I have installed Cubase 8 Pro a few days ago and yesterday I installed Automap 4.9b2 for controlling a Novation Impulse 61.
I tried with Automap 4 enabled and disabled (stopped in Windows).

Stopping just Automap service in Windows is uselss.
You have to disable Automap for “Cubase Plug-in set” by unwrapping thru the Automap preferences.

I’ve removed Automap 4.9b2 completely and the issue persists.

Have you checked if the Automap virtual links (automap dll) of your plugins was removed after unistallation?

Yes, removed them manually. Most issues are with the Steinberg plugins.

Most issues are with plugins that aren’t in the Steinberg Vstplugins or Vst3 folders. Where are plugins like StereoDelay, Quadrafuzz etc. located? Are those inside the Cubase8.exe?

Who knows where the Quadrafuzz and other Steinberg plugins are located? Are they compiled into the cubase executable?

So, what I did was I downloaded the Automap software from here

Then, I installed Automap, opened the Automap server clicked on Cubase 8 on the left.

Below that, (still in the left column) it said “VST, VST3 and RTAS”. I clicked on VST and in the right column were check marks of the plugins and their pathways. I clicked every single check mark off.

I did the same for VST3 and checked off the plugins that were checked. I believe this removes the Automap dll hold that Cubase recognizes. One specifically to the Cubase plugins is called “Cubase Setup Plugin” in the list of VST3.

Once I unchecked them all in the Automap server, I re-opened Cubase and checked a few of the plugins that had the knob parameter issue and it was free. Everything is back to normal now.