Steinberg VST volume & cutoff changes

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if anyone can advise but im having issues with Groove Agent randomly adjusting the master volume back to the default setting of Zero during playback.

This is really annoying when I have spent time adjusting the master drum level in the track and then it suddenly defaults to zero.

This also happens when im playing the VST through my midi controllers when the track is not even running which seems strange to me.

I have not got any volume automation in the track and I have tried this as both a Midi track and an Instrument track but they both do the same.

I have the same issue with Steinberg VST’s Hypnotic Dance and Tribewerk randomly changing the delay and cut off during playback when there is no Automation and the track is not running.

Im using a
Cubase Artist 6.5 on Windows 7
Intel i5 Quadcore
8GB Ram
Playing through
Novation Impulse 64
Alesis Control Pad
Akai MPC26

This set up has been fine for the last 12 months so why has it changed?

Please help as this is making the Steinberg VST’s useless at the moment! :cry: (My other VST’s seem to run ok!!)

No, I haven’t experienced things like that.
But I’m on a completely different system.
But have you tried to desconnect all the
Controller and MIDI-Hardware?

Maybe there’s some issue with one of them?