Steinberg VST3 pugins missing

I get the ! message “a serious error has occurred inside the plug-in ‘name’…” when trying to load Steinberg VST3 plugins. Waves and Sonnox are fine.
Something has gone wrong. I guess I need to reinstall them. Can anyone tell me how?

They won’t load in Nuendo either.


Possibly it finds the midi gate plugin like it did with Cubase? Next time you see the ‘!’ see if it doesn’t also give you a clue as to the VST3 plugin it is having a problem with.

My point is, some VST3 files are not things that WL can actually use for track editing and so it balks. You need to sort those out in the WL plugin window once you get it open. Hm, seems a catch 22 but watch that load window.

Thanks but that’s not it this time.
Neither Wavelab or Nuendo will load any Steinberg VST plug-ins. They both load my Waves, Sonnox and other brands of plug-ins.
The directory paths seem to be still there but I can’t find the Steinberg plug-ins themselves. They’ve disappeared…?

If I could install just the plug-ins that would be great but maybe I have to reinstall Wavelab and Nuendo again. Fun.


Re installed last update of Nuendo. All working and inserts appearing in old projects again.