Steinberg web services a mess - Shop login link

Dear Steinberg,

Have been making a major switch to Cubase Pro 8.5 and many other Steinberg products.

Your customer web scheme is atrocious.

I now have 3 logins: MySteinberg, Shop and Forum. Authorization codes and owned product information are scattered all over the place… ALL of my activity should be reflected in MySteinberg (owned products, codes, download links, etc). Download links have been hard or impossible to find (I’m dealing with several systems with many activation codes and elicensers). Purchase emails have come in without codes and/or download links. And most infuriating of all, much of this information is inside the SHOP, WHERE THERE IS NO LOGIN LINK ANYWHERE on your sites. update: I finally noticed it in the order confirmation email…

I feel like I could have written a manual with the experience I’ve had trying to navigate your websites.
end rant.