Steinberg web site from 1996

Browsing around in the depths of my computer, I just discovered a folder that contains HTML pages from Steinberg’s web site as it was in March 1996 (just 3 months after it was born). :slight_smile:

In all its blue and red striped glory, with news about the new Cubase 3.0 and some products called JamStation and TekknoTron!

If anyone wants to have a look, I can ZIP it up and share it somewhere.

Sounds fun. I’d like a look. :slight_smile:

You’ve been mailed

heh, that’s a great blast from the past, thanks for that!

I sent you a pm but maybe you’ve missed that, or something went wrong? :astonished:
I just have to see that … :laughing:

Found your PM and sent you a link.

My PM notify option is on, but I didn’t get notified. Maybe it only works when you log out & in again…

haha, doesn’t matter! I have seen it now, thank you very much! :laughing:

The source code look so … pristine and innocent!
No CSS, JS or any future HTML
No PHP/ASP and everything looks neat, tidy and handcoded. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t?
No divs and all tables
No jQuery, mootools
just HTML and it looks so pure hahaha!

The Times New Roman and blue/red kind of slaps you in the face, though!

But apart from that it’s reasonably well organized compared to some other sites, especially given the tools available.
Make that some other sites, both then … and now! :astonished:

Also on Wayback Machine: