Steinberg website: Broken and missing links to Sound Expansions (GA and others)

Hi, this message is primarily for Steinberg to fix some broken links on the website.

There are a bunch of product links to sound expansions on the Steinberg web site that are currently broken (see Products / Expansions and Sounds):

  • The Groove Agent expansion “Future Past Perfect” is missing under “Groove Agent Drum Kits”. Instead, this is listed under “Retrologue 2 Expansions”. But this should instead be the link to the Retrologue expansion “Future Bass”, which is not listed under “Retrologue 2 Expansions”.
    The link is dead, since it doesn’t link correctly to any of these 2 expansions.

  • Both links to “Simon Phillips” drum kits are broken (the links spell Phillips wrong, with one l instead of two l’s).

  • The header line link “Groove Agent Drum Kits” works, but the page it opens up is in German instead of English.

  • Link to ”Jazz Essentials” does not work either (link spelled jazz wrong: “jass”).

  • The link for the Padshop Expansion “Evo Elysium” is not correct; it ends with two “//” which makes the web page freak out and being mostly empty after it loaded…

  • The link to Spectralayers 7 on the initial front page is a bit incorrect as well, with two “//” in the link, that makes the linked page not work properly (mostly empty, as above).

I sent a ticket to Steinberg Support for 2 weeks ago, but no reaction there, so I post the same here.