STeinberg website : NEWS

I noticed that after the maintenance of the website this NEWS item is gone where all the announcements where made of new updates etc.
Is there a new link to thiese items?

No, and the fact that it was discussed here already twice with no reaction shows that SB don’t care about their users at all.
Did I mention already that I spent my money this month again for a UVI product? THEY care about their customers…

Yes, check: Menu - Support

The News-site told you about offers, updates, new software,warnings etc.
I am afraid I do not see that under “support”.

It is a shame ‘NEWS’ is gone from the the main website…

I guess they want us all to go here instead from now on:-
Latest Announcements topics - Steinberg Forums

You have to go via the ‘press’ link at the bottom of the website:-

Maybe they will merge that in with the ‘stories’ option at the top right of the main page, as it mentions ‘Stories’ on there?

Hm… does it?

There are more frequent posts to the announcements category here that @Puma0382 posted than that news ‘feed’…

Thanks Steve and @Puma0382 !

I get all the news announcements every time I boot Cubase up. In the left hub.

where is RSS ?

There’s none for the website, but you can subscribe to the announcements feed of the forum which is a good replacement for the old news feed:

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Thank you

Excellent, thank you!