Steinberg website not loading (infinite loading animation)

Anyone else having trouble loading the Steinberg website?
Wanted to check infos on the latest Cubase version and I am stuck on this “loading” animation…
Tried with different browsers (Firefox, Edge etc), different PCs and even different networks… no joy :frowning:

Hello Boerdi and welcome to the forum.

Yes, I did notice this problem as well ( so it is not browser related at all )
I hope someone at Steinberg’s picks up your post and has this fixed.
There have been quite a few issues in the last 3 days with the Steinberg website and download server …

I just tried to load the website, support pages and also Download Assitant and Authorization Manager. All of them work as expected.

Download Assistant also just installed a new version of the Activation Manager during startup.

Yes, that’s already a bit of good news.
However the Website is still not behaving …
As an example: Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries | Steinberg
This page does not load …

No, loads immediately and fast for me.

Also this example link: Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries | Steinberg ?

Again, no problem at all… sorry…

Okay, thanks for confirming. But then what is the problem for some of us ?

Just for info: Are you on Windows and any specific browser?

Initially I wanted to update my eLicenser over the weekend and the website was unusable due to that infinite loading animation.
Through Google I reached the eLicenser page “directly” but couldn’t download the file due to the 504 error.

Like I said, I switched browsers (Firefox, Edge, et al), computers (Windows 10 and 11 machines), tried at home and at work.
The only constant factor would be my region/country, which is Luxembourg.

I wouldn’t even be able to buy a Cubase 12 upgrade if I wanted to :smiley:


Website is also not working (infinite loading loop) on my Android phone (tested with Firefox and Chrome)

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Same for me, website shows that infinite loading loop. (I live next door in Belgium)

Loads fine here too , it must be a regional problem

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Thanks for the ‘proof’
Indeed must be a regional issue …
This is how it looks for me

I’m on Windows, the browser makes no difference.

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So yes, this seems like a regional issue.

If you have access to a VPN provider you could try to setup a VPN tunnel to Germany and then getting access from a different area. Some vendors for anti-virus software also offer VPN access.

Okay, but I live in a country next to Germany …
I have no experience with VPN, but I’ll have a look.

Even if you live next to Germany, in Belgium, your Internet provider probably uses a different route and that might cause issues in routing.

I use the antivirus software from McAfee and that has a VPN client installed. All you need to do is open the client, select a country of your choice and the software creates a tunnel for you. The effect is that your access point to the internet is then a server in the location of the world you have chosen.

Just be aware that all these VPN vendors usally want some money for their service, it depends on you if you want it or not.

Aah, I get the idea.
Thanks again!

I can confirm that this is a geolocation issue…

The website is loading correctly when I use a VPN (in this case I tried with a german IP).

Looks like customers from Luxembourg and Belgium (and maybe even more) can’t access the website and the store :\

For me, some pages work today and some still don’t. That’s an improvenment from yesterday, when the majority of the pages didn’t work.

Absolute 6 page still infinite loading for me. (I’m in Greece by the way)

Maybe it means something new is coming this Wednesday?! :thinking:

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