Steinberg, what next ?


Cubase 7.0.6 working pretty well. Maybe few things that I mention in my topics, need fix.

What next Steinberg ? Cubase 7.0.7 or Cubase 7.5 ? Things what are you working now ? When ?


How about 7.1…?

does anyone remember how the update progression went for C6?

C6.0.1,2,3,4 and 7.



If talking about C6 (not C6.5) then NWP is correct. It ended at 6.0.7.
C6.5 was somewhat it’s own incarnation.

But, regardless, I find the topic silly. We should all know that SB isn’t going to respond to this with any sort of “announcement”. The most likely response, if any, will something like, “We are working on some new exciting updates and products! Don’t call us… We’ll call you…”

I remember that song.
From the band that did ‘Green Eyed Lady’

or maybe Cubase 8 :slight_smile:

Made With Cubase sub forum :smiley:

I remember that in both C4 and C5 generations, x.1 updates brought several enhancements. As an example, C4.1, as a free update and with the new free routing feature decided me to upgrade from the ‘SL/Studio’ version to the full Cubase one. I was already considering the upgrade and this one, with the external instruments integration as VSTis already existing as well as several other things (track archives…) made me take the jump.

At the present state of C7, I think that a C7.1 update would be welcomed, especially for fixing the several project window UI regressions that occured since C6.5 and a truely efficient RCE, able to cope with generic remote devices…

Cubase 6 - fixed some things…broke some things…forgot some things…fixed some things…

you get the drift!. :laughing: