Steinberg! Why has it taken me days of work to download Iconica on a fast connection?

I am now on my second full time day of downloading Iconica using the Download Assistent. I have other download managers and none of them are giving issues except Steinberg.

Steirnbers Assistant seems incapable of downloading large files. Iconica files are up to 50 gb each.

I have learnt that the download assistent times out BEFORE the download has time to finish my speed is 12-15mb ps which is not slow.
Infuriatingly!!! If the Download assistant times out - as it does once every few gig, then it gives you ONE chance to continue, if it does this a second time it WIPES ALL your progress and starts again - many hours of work is lost.
I have also realised that it cannot download more thant one large file at a time, even though it tries.

Consequence? I have to pause and restart the Download Manager every gig of download - to reset the timer. This means I have to spend hours and hours sitting watching the download and interrupting it 50 times for a fifty gig download.

Please allow Steinberg’s Download assistat to continue to download and NOT wipe files