Steinberg/Yamaha bring out the XS in a plugin...

Yes Yes Yes, do it. charge 500 to 1000 bucks for it. You did a great job on the rupert neve stuff, it’s a natural progression, and I can guarantee it would sell here. Just fwiw I think many studio musicians are ready for this, those of us who owned the XS and realize it’s short comings with it’s sounds being tied to hardware are ready for the plugin.

I’ve owned the board with mlane card attached/the rack xs,and it still isn’t as good as a plugin like H4 would be if all of the XS sounds we’re in it. I’m done buying the boards and racks, I want the plugin.

DO IT ya know ya want to, that way you can sell the plugin to studio musicians, and those who want the board can still buy it.

Fwiw I’ve been sampling some of my XS sounds thru great river me1nv,to lavry ad10, mapping and loading them in H4, and they sound very very good.

Do it!!! win win

Technically, Halion 4 is far more advanced in synthesis than the engine of the ES, XS and XF family, and most of the samples are already in the library, at much higher quality. I can recognize most of them. The “motifs” are also in there via FlexPraser.

The problem is the sound quality, which is not on par. For whatever the reason I find that Steinberg plugins lack something in the sound (through technically they are excellent). I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s due mostly to the effect algorithms, but it’s only my personal appreciation.

The XS patches I’ve sampled sound far superior in Mach Five 3, the M5V3 engine is much better then the H4 sound engine. The effects are better as well in M5V3.

Post an example file.

Nahh :sunglasses: just for my ears only. :laughing:

Agree we need that Xs or XF library on H4

As has been previously said … it is possible to create approximations of some of the simpler XS sounds in H4 with a little effort. However, this is a task that is not made easy by the fact that many of the XS parameters such as ADR times and filter frequencies are unit less and simple 0…127 values instead of seconds, Hz etc. Clearly the filters and effects coding may well be quite different in H4 to the XS (some may be the same), will have a different character and will always be an approximation.

An XS (and S90ES) library would be a really good thing in my view.

In the absence of that, it would be nice if there was a H4 program exchange area on this site where generous users could contribute and build up a library of near XS equivalents.

Thinking about it … it would actually be nice if there was an area to share any kind of user created programs.
I presume such an area does not already exist?

This is a great suggestion and an excellent way to leverage the Steinberg / Yamaha merging.

Agreed, though I’m positive the efx,env,sections in H4 are probably alot better.Not only that,but I use Lavry DA converters, these samples/sounds if programmed correctly,should sound much better vs the converters on a motif es,or xf for that matter. It’s just convincing yamaha, that it’s finally time to do it.
Since Rupert Neve came out with his plugin,I would think Steinberg would be up to the task. They could charge whatever they wanted,n I’d buy it,as long as it was cheaper then the rack version of whatever keyboard/module is being sold.
I’m a firm believer that working in my cpu,with toal recall,is much better then any usb editor option even along with mlan.

I agree,it’s time they go for a XF plugin.