Steinberg Yamaha FW Driver - Win 7 64bit . HELP!

Hi there,

I’m quite desperate, 'cause since I switched to Windows 7 64 bit I can’t hear a single sound in Cubase AI4. Here is my set up:

Motif XS8 connected via Firewire to the PC (the same cable I used when I worked with WIN XP)
Cubase AI4
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Steinberg Yamaha FW Drivers 64bit v1.6.0

When I take a look at the Device Manager (under Sound, video and game Controllers) , I see

Yamaha Steinberg FW Bus
Yamaha mLAN16E2
Yamaha Steinberg FW WDM Audio
Yamaha Steinberg FW WDM MIDI
(With no “!” or “?”)

So, the driver seems to be correctly installed.

MIDI also (seems to be) Ok, since when I play notes on the MOTIF XS8 I can see the bar level going up and down of the selected channel in Cubase.

The problem is the audio: NO SOUND. Even when I import in Cubase a .wav file on a track and I try to play it I can’t hear a single sound.

In Groove Agent: when I load a Drum Kit and click on a pad, no sound at all.
When I choose a VST plugin then try to play notes by clicking on the assigned piano-roll track, no sound as well…

I really have no more ideas…can anybody help me?

Thank you very much in advance.


after two days of trying, searching for, and losing my temper :smiley:,

I finally found the problem. I post the solution here in the hope that someone will find it helpful.

The problem was not Cubase, the Yamaha Steinberg Drivers, or Motif XS8.
It was the IEEE 1394 Driver chosen by Windows 7. There were two drivers at disposal (for my laptop):

1394 OHCI Compliant Host controller
1394 OHCI Compliant Host controller (Legacy)

I switched to the “Legacy” one and now EVERYTHING IS OK!


I am having the exact same problem, except that my Win 7 does not show the Legacy drivers in the Control Panel. Where did you get the legacy drivers? Did you download them from somewhere? I appreciate any help you might give. I am running out of options.