Steinberg-Yamaha Hardware

I really like my CMCs and the KX.
But something like a CMC KX would be usefull.
All the KX misses is some more knobs and a drumpad.
And the PD’s Pads are perfect, just a little bit too small.
And it’s way easier to navigate through backlit buttons.
The cursor buttons and the browse-button would make a good match.
While the keys and wheels of the KX are a choice of very good quality.
I could list a ton of ideas why and how these products fit together.
Although most of the stuff is quite obvious.
It should be perfectly premapped for all Steinberg Plug Ins,
especially Halion.

The KX was made for the reason to have a seamless integration
in Cubase and came with a copy of Halion One. The CMCs were made
to offer perfect control of Cubase and Groove Agent One.

So if I had one wish free for hardware product. This is it.
Especially since Halion and Groove Agent are the VSTi’s I use the most
because of their and Cubase’s evolution over the past five years.