Steinberg, You Are Exaggerating!

Why does Steinberg sell for so much?

I just received an email telling me that all the instruments I want to have are 20% off.

I looked at sound libraries and this “MUTED TRUMPET” library is $60.99 CAD and curiously exactly the same product on the website of the company that produced it Image Sounds, this one is $14.65 $CAD.

The difference is huge…

So, before buying directly from the Steinberg website, check if the product is available elsewhere and at a better price before investing.

Steinberg, you are exaggerating!

You think that’s bad…
I use VEGAS video editing software. Usually costs about £60 to upgrade, usually yearly. Last year it went up to £149, and £199 for a full licence. I didn’t upgrade. I thought, maybe during the Black Friday sales…
Come November last year, I saw that VEGAS was around 70% off, so out comes my wallet and I go to the site to buy it. Lo and behold! It’s still £149/£199! What they did was to post a “Usual Price” of, I think it was £577!
When January came by, the sale was over and the price went back to… £149/£199.
I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

IMHO Steinberg pricing is very fair. I also use Vegas, and in reality, there is no “upgrade”, you’re expected to buy it again with every release. They claim it’s discounted, but it has never, ever been on sale for the “undiscounted” price. It’s a good video editor so I keep using the old version I have, which does what I want. I also wonder if their so-called “offers” are even legal.

On the other hand, with Steinberg, you can start with most products for very little money or even free (for the “LE” versions). You typically have 2 years to decide if you want to upgrade to a higher edition before the upgrade cost goes up, and usually about 18 months after release, there will be a 40-50% discount offer. Compared with a subscription model, you can decide what you want to pay, how much you want to pay, and when you want to pay.

As for the content, when I look now (in the EU), Muted Trumpet costs €39.99 on the Steinberg site and €39.00 on the Image Sound site, so it may be an issue with the online pricing conversions into $CAD.

I’ve only just come across this comment but decided to do a little research. Today (30-01-24) the following conditions operate. Bear in mind I’m based in the UK.

Steinberg - Image Sound muted trumpet £34
Image Sounds muted trumpet 39 Euros

After exchange rate variances these are pretty much the same price.

Could it be that when you checked the Image Sounds price it was during their recent sale? They have sales on a regular basis and always have one sound pack on offer each week.

Seeing as the Steinberg version will have been coded to a vstsound file which allow it to be easily manipulated in the Library manager and Media Bay I think its a good deal. The Image Sounds product is just a plain WAV file pack.

Whose exaggerating? Certainly not Steinberg.

You are probably right, this must have corresponded to a week when the product was on sale at Image Sounds. I have since compared prices and it is true that the prices are very similar. On the Image Sounds site “Muted Trumpet” is 56.81 CAD and on the Steinberg site, it is 60.99 CAD. I save $3 by purchasing from Image Sounds.

Whether the product is coded as vstsound file or not changes absolutely nothing, because in the end it will be a WAV file (Audio track) which will be inserted in the Audio Pool and in your project. The handling is the same. Also, you can place your vstsound file or your WAVs folder on the hard drive of your choice, this has no importance for the media bay.

The moral of the story is that wait for sales at Image Sounds for the same products sold at Steinberg, because it’s definitely worth the cost. This week Electric Bass 1 is 10 Euros. (75% Off).


Yes, I’m doing exactly what my Ma’ told me to do, take your time and Shop Around…

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… not if you’re Canadian.

Steinberg charges the EU VAT plus the Canadian GST/PST/HST.

There seems very little excuse for that - especially since the EU and Canada have a free trade agreement.

I used to buy more Steinberg stuff until that punitive Canadian pricing started - not always because I really needed things, but I had felt good about supporting a good company that cared deeply about it’s users.

That belief has taken a significant hit.

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That’s got to be a mistake? And if they actually say that they’re charging EU VAT on a purchase made in Canada, it’s possibly illegal. Perhaps it’s just an error that’s crept in when they changed the service provider running the online store.

I keep complaining about it from time to time here - and the double dipping effectively has been the case ever since they started charging Canadian sales tax (I think that was back in 2021). This is not related at all to the recent change in store providers.

I’m not sure, if there’s official documentation that they charge VAT and issues of legality, but look at the numbers and it lines up. For example when comparing USD to CAD pricing with the CAD/USD exchange rate factored in.

No, there is no EU VAT, it’s country specific.

It just happens to be that the approx. extra “country-specific” 19% that Canadians are paying compared to Germans is the same as the 19% VAT rate in Germany. :person_shrugging:

I’m upset about the extra 19% and I don’t care if it’s accidental charging of VAT or if it’s a “we hate Canadians tax”.

If you find a flaw in my math however, I’d be happy to be proven wrong.