Steinberg Zero Downtime (very kool).

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!

thanks pal for sharing, good to know

We wanted to do that for a long time. A nice feature I hope only few of you will have to use :wink:

It’d be even cooler if you didn’t need to purchase a second USB eLicenser first!

And where would you put the temporary backup license?

on the soft elicenser ?

And what do I gain from SZD when on all of my tracks are the portico plugins that are FROM THE SAME VENDOR, but not supported ?
Another glorious Steinberg move indeed.

Maybe you are right… we should remove that feature again. :wink:

The way it is implemented now, it makes no difference for me if its removed or not. But I forgot, that the portico bundle was sooo cheap that there is no way that this feature is profitable.

This is great, yes.

It enables me to take my dongle with me.

Since I have two eLicensers, I think I’ll move the non-Steinberg-Licenses to the other one.

I agree that this looks kind of strange that this comparably expensive plug-in bundle is not included but due to contractual matters, this wasn’t possible.
Using a Soft-eLicenser solution for that temporary license isn’t possible either because it’s a different concept that the USB-eLicenser based protection and many customers won’t have a Soft-eLicenser on their system anyway.

However, I think that this solution covers the vast majority of cases - sorry that it doesn’t cover yours.