Steinberg's 32 Bit Bridge

I’m using Cubase 7.0.3 on Windows 8. 64 Bit of course. It is necessary for me to use a few 32bit Plugins. Softsynths to be exact. I think that the third party “JBridge” is much better than Cubase’s in built vst-bridge when using 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit environment.

This is what my performance meter looks like using JBridge and 15 instances of Imposcar2 synths…

Now, this is what the performance meter looks like using Steinbergs built in Vst-bridge…

The difference in performance is shocking. So I’m asking myself, why is JBridge not just incorporated into Cubase? The Author of JBridge licenses it to software developers so why are we stuck with Steinberg’s inferior bit bridge?

Why don’t you just buy Jbridge? it’s snot that expensive. Bit Bridge is just not as good, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

I have jBridge. My question is why do we NEED JBridge in an expensive DAW that should have something this basic covered?

It is covered, and you’ll see it works well with their own 32 bit plugins. Instead, you could put your energies to convince the makers of those plugins to release a proper 64 bit version. :slight_smile:

The difference in performance is shocking. So I’m asking myself, why is JBridge not just incorporated into Cubase? The Author of JBridge licenses it to software developers so why are we stuck with Steinberg’s inferior bit bridge?[/quote]
Because I don´t want to pay for that. If you want to go 64 bit do it and ditch your 32 bit plugins.


Could it be that jBridge opens plug-ins in other process threads not included in the Performance meter?
Check the Win CPU meter to confirm.

An interesting point. I didn’t think to check that. I’m going to look at that tomorrow. However, there are pops and clicks associated with Steinberg’s bridge and the performance meter goes nuts. The same plugins under JBridge show around one tenth of the space on the meter, but the audio plays back as smooth as silk too.

Maybe put on your thinking cap.

Yeah, for me, bit-bridge is unusable because just one instance causes 50% CPU and another instance causes instant 100%.

So I tested JBridge and it was absolutely fine, with expectedly low CPU hit and everything smooth on all plugs with loads of instances. But then I don’t really have a need to keep using 32bit plugs so I didn’t purchase it. Also, I didn’t really get on with JBridge’s manual method of having to find and convert the plugin DLLs versus the Steinberg automatic method, which is my only negative comment about JBridge. But for the price and the fact that it works you can’t complain.

All of the manufacturers of the plugins that I use have gone 64bit now so it’s only a few old freebies which I like that are 32bit and hopefully I can wean myself off those!


You might look at the CPU usage of the JBridge auxhost processes, which are absorbing the hit since it runs externally to Cubase, and so that CPU usage is not reflected in the Cubase meter.

It’s probably about the same if you could add it all up.

VST Perf has nothing to do with CPU. It has to do with ASIO throughput.

Look guys,

Cubase 7 is IMHO the best DAW on the market, but that doesn’t mean all of its parts are at the top of the game. The truth is, there are better effects than what comes with C7, VariAudio is really no match for Melodyne and VSTBridge can’t touch jBridge.

Now, over the years I’ve spent a good chunk of change acquiring better effects, but those that come with Cubase aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. You just pay for that extra 10%. Maybe sometimes even a mere 5%.

On the other hand, I’m pretty upset at VarioAudio 2.0 being broken and unusable and that forcing me to buy Melodyne ($400!)

Having to spend $20 for jBridge was certainly no biggie. VSTBridge has ALWAYS sucked since it was first released with 5.5 (IIRC). It isn’t just a C7 issue.

You would be better of buying Studio One Professional this month, for $299,- it includes a Melodyne license. :wink:

It’s not a license for the full edition. What Studio One gives you costs about $70.

A fixed VariAudio won’t help you if you need the tools of Melodyne Editor.

Steinberg bridge is unpredictable. When I first played with Cubase x64 back in Cubase 5 (I think) most of my favourite plug-in were x86. The crashes came regular and it didn’t take long to realize the cause, so I went back to Cubase x86, after which, all was well, apart from the fact that I wanted to embrace the future of x64 technology.

Now I’m almost totally x64, apart from just a few x86 plugs which I put in folder called jbridge. The rest I have discarded until they update their plug-ins to x64 (are you listening Sound Toys?)

For some time now I will not, under any circumstances, buy any software that does not support x64.

No, but it would give you the equivalent of Melodyne Essential that comes with Studio One.

I adopted that policy loooooooong time ago. At first it wasn’t practical, but now it is. I still have a few 32-bit VSTi’s that I like and occasionally use (all the H.G. Fortune synths, for example, are still x86), but all my effects are x64.