Steinberg's Home Page

Is only my computer displaying Steinberg’s Home Page a little bit damaged? Some CSS is missing maybe?
It is since 2nd or 3rd January. I’ve open the page on Chrome and Firefox - all the same.

I’m seeing the exact same issue. The only browser the homepage looks ok in is Edge.

It’s working for me (Chrome)

seems broken here too (Mac, Firefox, Chrome, all latest versions)

Looks fine to me on WIn 10 Firefox.

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It definitely appears broken on my home computer (in all browsers, including Edge – which is a new development), but on my work computer the Steinberg page is fine in Chrome and Firefox.

I definitely think something is up with the site, and I suspect other folks are seeing the same issues. For me it started sometime after Christmas. I was on the Steinberg site all the time in mid to late December, researching Cubase as an alternative to Sonar, the site was fine.

However, during Christmas week, when I finally got around to buying Cubase, I noticed that the site appeared broken in Chrome and Firefox. Only Edge worked, but today even Edge is not working with the site…

Try hitting ctrl+F5 on the homepage, which forces a complete reload without using cached CSS etc.

Strange…fine on all my devices (3 PCs, Samsung Tablet and iPad).

Hi folks !
That is definetely an issue with English version
Deutsch version is working Ok on all of my browsers :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, ctrl+f5 didn’t change anything. Site still looks messed up.

Right now I am seeing the same issue on my home PC, my PC at work, and my iPhone. That’s three separate devices, on three completely different networks, using two OS’s, all showing the same problem. What I’m seeing, incidentally, looks exactly like the screenshot attached to the OP.

English version looking fine here in err England. :slight_smile:

:unamused: … very strange - just entered via anonymizer proxy – English version working ok! :slight_smile:

Obviously looks like a routing problem between some networks. Parts of Steinberg homepage comes from 3:rd party sources (7 different ones). If your Internet service provider’s network has routing problems to any one of those, you may experience this kind of behavior.

Strange thing is that this have been going on so long. Usually these problems lasts hours at most.

Welcome to the World without net neutrality.

Yeah, I guess that’s it - I viewed the site through a proxy service, and it appears fine. Outside the service, it is jumbled up. That’s pretty interesting…


After more than one month english site not working!!!

P.S. Please ask visitor at NAMM 2018 and you will see.

Well… I have found some trojans on my PC (I think this is the true cause of this issue for me - they might be working as a proxies for some reason)
Now it seems to be all right with English version :neutral_face:

So check your PC folks

kind regards

I think their web site never works perfect, especially “my steinberg” section. Also impossible to view it without VPN in Mainland China.

But now it is working. Without forcing Ctrl+F5 to reload things. So somehting was down. Now up :slight_smile:

To all wise routing specialists - I was sysop at very large company, I have had 10 servers and 200 employees working on computers and I was teaching them to use computers and network resources. It was 20 years ago. But now I’m composer and I’m not interesting where it was going down. Page not working - it is not my problem, but Steinberg’s. If I have a need to use something from that broken page, I will use it as is or open page source and find I need to find :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all!

Nothing was down at least on Steinberg site. For majority of users it worked perfectly all the time.

Sysop? Haven’t heard that title since 1980’s :unamused:

WOW! Impressive! And you still have no idea how modern websites work :astonished:

Oh. That explains it. Better to upgrade your knowledge about modern Internet before pointing fingers to anyone.

You just don’t get it. It’s not either Steinberg’s nor your fault. It’s your shthole Internet service provider’s fault. Or some shthole country’s censorship authority’s fault (in case you live in or your connection goes through that kind of country). Don’t know which one. But with your awesome credentials as a network guru you should have pinpointed the source of the problem by yourself. :smiling_imp:

Haha! From all my visited homepages only one page was down for two or more months and you say it is provider’s problem :smiley:

It is possible that they put some parameters and values that can display dynamically generated result different on some devices.

I still create websites and portals and you are not right.

Jarno, please read all comments in this thread. This people are not living it the same country.