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It indeed is possible … but:

Tells anyone with any knowledge of Internet what it’s all about. Definitely not a device problem, but a network problem.

Yep. Those who provide information about their countries and have problems are living in current/former communist ones. I’m not saying this correlation has any meaning … but …

Good research. Thank you. And… This is a proof that nothing should be called - FORMER - at least in this case.
I hope that you wasn’t serious when call my country - “sh*hole”. You cannot imagine what people have experienced in these countries.

Please. Read again. I never called your country a shthole. I speculated that one of the following may be a case:
a. you have sh
thole ISP
b. you live in a shthole country which censors Internet traffic
c. your (ISP’s) Internet traffic goes through one of those sh
thole countries
and stated clearly that I don’t know which one applies.

Try to learn to read and not to be a triggered snowflake.

WRONG! I have extended family who lived under Soviet oppression. Some of my relatives spent years on Stalin’s gulag just because German fcktards relocated their families during The Great Fckup v.2. I’ve visited many (now) former Soviet republics when The Soviet Union still existed and visited people’s homes. So … I think I don’t even have to imagine. I’ve seen (at least some of) it and talked for days with people who went through worst of it.

Sorry Jarno, this is not the place.