Steinberg's new control surface in-use videos

Here are some vids:

The CMC-QC Controller

The CMC-FD Controller

The CMC-PD controller

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Aloha W,

Thanks for those links.

Future (use) look bright!

Kind of cute…

Yeah looks cool, you got the last link wrong though, that’s the same as the first one.

Yeah, for now I think my cc121 is enough, but if I were to expand that would be my preferred setup as well. That frame is huge though, seems like a massive waste of deskspace. I probably just clip them together and then put a book underneath to raise them a little.

Looks nice, but as long as there aren’t any encoders above the faders for panning and no alternative for the jogwheel on my Houston, I will give it a pass.

My question is:

Will the CMC controllers work with other DAWs?
I use a combination of Cubase, ProTools with occasional LogicPro and Ableton. I’d love a control surface that works with all of those DAWs. That’s a mistake I made by getting the Houston controller back in a day.
The CMC’s look pretty cool, but if they’re not compatible with other DAW’s they’d be of a little use to me.

Aloha guys,

I believe this is a great move by Steiny to head off any new iPad type touch devices that are soon to be everywhere.

Not just for DAWs but in your car/home/schools etc etc.

I hate to even think this way but IMHO one day soon because of economics and wireless networking (and with a few exceptions like DAWs) knobs/buttons/switches will soon be a thing of the past.

Future looks bright?:slight_smile:

How can these be used in my car?

I just read the manual and didn’t see a thing about it…

Not while driving but perhaps in mobile recording situations;
of which I have done a number from my SUV and these products might be very effective due to their small footprint and the ability to ‘add-on’ addition units as needed.

Go Steiny!


Personally, I’ll never be able to only use touch screen controllers. I have to feel the buttons untpder my fingers so I don’t have to look down. Looking down at a screen (like on the Euphinix Artist touchscreen) didn’t work for me. It take s too much time. When you are editing audio 14 hours a day, there isn’t time to take your eyes off the screen.

That being said, I’d probably use a touchscreen if it were also my DAW screen. (sorry, getting off topic;)

Thanks for posting our videos, Tom. Videos of the other three controllers will be uploaded on Monday. You can see them all by going to our dedicated page.

We also have the rebate forms for you to download on the individual product pages, FYI. You get a bonus for ordering multiple controllers.

Ill start this with …Yes I Will probably buy the CC121 rack & 2 modules, but I was looking for something …mmmm more …more em, …! ok something not Gimmicky!

Is it REALLY just me, and think that these controllers are a bit of a fail!!!..I own a CC121, very happy with it, would like to have more faders, real faders, ALPs faders…and a dedicated “knob bank” for vsti’s, laid out similiar to a centre section “Big Channel” …I was hoping that Steiny would just build on the VERY good CC121, instead tehy go all feckin Ipad on us…(This new phenomenon of ipad touch nonce is really wearing me thin!!

I truly feel Steinberg/Yamaha got it wrong on so many levels with the CMC stuff, yes I like the idea of Modularity, but when Im gagging to spend a 1500gbp on a full blown controller setup with all modules, I dont want it looking like it was designed by a spotty teenager from Fisher Price…

Sorry Steinberg, but Im passing …You did VERY WELL with the CC121, why not give us an extension to what you already designed well… The CMC system to me is cheap looking, toyish and very uninspiring to the eye…it might fill a niche, but not mine…WHY oh why cant someone design (what the market has been craving for foir years) a decent well price, functional, stylish modular 16-24 chanels of assignable Buttons/Knobs/Faders…The Tascam Us2400 was close…

The above would be cool with a seperate CC121 to the left!

Im currently in the process of importing this to Europe
wish me luck! :laughing:

So, Discoworx, “This new phenomenon of ipad touch nonce” is really wearing you thin and you are importing a touch screen monitor rebranded by being plopped into a metal case?

That’s pretty screwy if you ask me. At least the ipads are multi-touch.

You state these products are a “fail”, “looking like it was designed by a spotty teenager from Fisher Price” yet you state in your first line you are going to buy two of them?

That’s pretty screwy too if you ask me. :laughing: :mrgreen:

Hey, No problem. I felt it was necessary since the products are pretty unique that hands-on videos would better showcase what the units were like, speaking louder than pictures.

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding these little guys! :mrgreen:

Why no “flip” mode to control those dinky FX sends? I’ll stick with my Ipad, way more programmable.

Cmon Tom, aint we all screwy thinking that being a MAC afficionado, as soon as Steve Jobs announces a new “product” I here screams of “How can we get using it in the studio” …faff! You really thnk that Steinberg didnt waste Dev time in porting Loopmash to the ipad!..

As you well know, we all can be a bit “toys for the boys” , Ive been hangin off buying a “Decent” Midi controller since my Mackie’s MCU’s went “goodnight” the cc121 was a stop gap until something a bit Bigger came along, I mentioned I’ll buy two CMCs, to augment the CC121, or would you prefer me to chuck it in the bin. (You should know “gear compulsion” when you hear it! lol

They CMC’s arent a full blown rig in my book…IMHO… If your a Mac fanboy, (generalisation ) and have an Ipad, well thats super, as for myself I see no need for a tablet in a studio, (my studio) The ergonomics AND most importantly the Customisable onscreen virtual keys dedicated to Midi controllers, along with the fact of it being 30" wide, certainly makes my touchscreen a bit more viable as a centrepiece controller,than an mickey mouse ipad…My eyesight aint what it used to be.

I’ll chalk you down as being screwy too, just for owning a MAC :laughing: …overpriced gimmicks Im my book, here in Europe, people see sense, well some of us do, and pay decent money for a Laptop,unless they tinker with Photoshop et al, not hung drawn & quartered over Apples pricing policy. & btw I apologise if I hurt your feelings over mentioning “Ipad nonce” :laughing: (I aint againt Apple’s products, just their pricing Policy here thats all. I reside in a country with a “screwy” currency! :mrgreen:

Ha! I never said I owned a mac nor wish to go into a apple vs whatever war. I am primarily a PC based studio if that makes you feel better! :mrgreen: I was just simply stating you are overpaying for a rebranded touch screen monitor put into a box which has much less features than an iPad (that I have seen people configure to do some really cool controlling of daw software). I’ve been running touch screens here in my joint for years but have no ipad.

Check out beatpeat’s thread on his iPad controller.

In my opinion, that puts that touchscreen you posted in the bin. If you are set on a touch screen, you can find the monitor they mount in the metal box for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is look. I have used one of those touch screen mixers at their booth at an AES meet and it was very underwhelming and overpriced. With all due respect, if you got past your angst surrounding Apple and the iPad you would see it as a viable tool for getting work done and you wouldn’t be a fanboy. :smiley:

Earlier, I was pointing out was how your post made little sense. Your post was all jekyll and hyde. So you are gear obsessive/compulsive, got it! :laughing:

I agree the CMC series are not a full blown rig for the type of work I do and I would have a really hard time mixing with a single fader like you do for that matter. I doubt I could ever record and mix as fast as I do with my current setup with these things, however for the mobile work, that gap could be filled quite nicely, but in all honesty, I would buy another used MCU probably before one of these so my workflow would parallel 2 different environments and raise efficiency.

Thats just me though. I can also see these going over as a hit with a lot of other people. Wait till Steinberg releases there Pro series controllers. If they are modular like these with encoder rings, physical faders and scribble strips, you will see another hit.

Your last 4 lines hit the nail on the head!!!..

For portability the CMC are sweet, but not as a centre piece…If an upgraded modular CC121 comes out over Christmas, then Im biting no questions! :smiley:

The thing I like with the DAW Touch is that it isnt really overpriced Tom, not by a long chalk, 1600 bucks with the added software it is priced properly IMHO, Its 32" & comes with the Onscreen configurable software for shorcuts & key commands/keyboard input etc…with the size & the software & the Proper casing, Its priced right on the money. I know you can buy 15/17/19 touch screens for a quarter of the price, but at 32in they go up drastically (over a 1000 bucks) …and teh bonus is with the software, I hope Im a happy bunny :smiley:

If you are that gung-ho for a huge touch screen, look at the MotionCommand LCD line of touch screens. They are actually less expensive and have models with up to 6-point multi-touch. Don’t sell yourself short.