Steinberg's new control surface in-use videos

The CC121 was a very good start (except for the stupidity of the button illumination), so why didn’t SB expand upon the idea? A CC121 with 8 (or16) faders with scribble stripps and some MIDI functions for vsti’s would have been a dream come true for many Cubase users. VERY disappointed! :unamused:

exactly! 2bad, maybe next time.

and again… plus a monitor section inc surround, click, talkback, dim, control room level, assignable rotaries, maintain 100mm ultra quiet faders, ethernet and make dinner for me every night…

The three new videos are posted.

Scroll down past the first three, and you’ll see the three new ones for the TP, CH, & AI.


Just some friendly advice:

When you do these videos, make sure you show BOTH the device AND the screen so people understand how it works.

For example, if I understand correctly simply hovering with your cursor over a parameter will allow you to tweak it with the knob on that intelligent integration device, right? It’s much easier to get that point across by showing it rather than talking “around” it…

Just some hopefully constructive criticism.

Look up some videos of the cc121 if you want more insight in the AI knob.

I agree to a point; something I too was expecting. But, clearly they’re aiming differently this time. And (maybe) because it would simply be too costly to engineer something to equal quality standard - one of the major complaints you read from many owners/potential owners. Yes, most say a good, sturdy, well-built piece of kit, but - overpriced…!

I’d love a CC121, but it is too pricey for me to justify for home. At work, my boss won’t consider it; I’m producing results he likes perfectly fine, without any controller around…

With this modular approach, initial outlay can be more manageable, then build out as you go/as the money comes in/workflow improves(?).

Where you are coming from maybe, the market for something a little more high-end (mid-range even) is covered (SSL, Euphonix to name two). Not to say that the lower end is ‘busy’ too. But, SB’s got their whole (unique.?) modular thing going on here. Could prove fruitful.

I’m looking at the CMC stuff for home setup. Who knows, I could take it into work and see what happens… :wink:

I get it. The point was that if you’re making a video NOT about the cc121, but about one of the CMC series, then it’d surely be better to actually show how it works in that video, right?

It’s great we have some videos up but I kept wishing the camera was not positioned in so that every time the narrator touched the controllers his hand and wrist completely covered the controller up so I couldn’t see what he was doing :frowning: