Steinberg's New Licensing Plan - Bravo! Sounds great to me!

I just want to state my opinion that the new licensing plan sounds perfect to me. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed fully in the Steinberg president’s statement.

I wanted to write this before the forum was inundated with lots of negativity and insults. Steinberg has always been upfront and honest with me ever since I started using Nuendo 2. I make my living using Steinberg’s excellent products. No company is perfect (as is no man except for one) but they come as close as any I have ever dealt with.

Just my opinion as a lover of Steinberg. And as a fan of the many hard working decent people at this great company.

Ted “Theo” Perlman
Producer, Guitarist, Arranger, Composer, Theologian


You probably have picked the right job.

Haha. I’m gonna take this as a compliment.

I presume this new licensing will apply to all Steinberg products?

Eventually, yes.